Societe Generale staff to raise money for mental health at Mind in Kentish Town

Colleagues from the banking and financial services company will compete against each other in a  challenge to raise money for the mental health charity.

In addition to running the branch of the charity shop on Kentish Town Road for the day, staff will be donating clothes and brick-a-brac to the shop. A bake sale and raffle have also been organised and local businesses have been invited to donate items or prizes.

The growth in stress-related illnesses at City firms since the economic crisis make Mind a resonant choice for Societe Generale’s charity of the year.

One in four people experience a mental health problem every year. A recent study commissioned by London Bridge Hospital revealed that 42 per cent of City workers had recently taken time off time due to stress, but 68 per cent ignore their health problems due to their work commitments.

In addition to raising £600,000 for the charity, the partnership aims to promote mental health awareness in the sector and improve working practices and employee wellbeing.

“Mental health issues in the banking world are growing and not talked about”, said HR Advisor Sarah Lockhart, whose team “The HR Money Makers”, will be among those competing. The partnership, she said, was an opportunity to “make the support network open”.

The event is scheduled for 24 September to coincide with City Giving Day, which has been established to  promote and celebrate corporate social responsibility and philanthropy in the Square Mile.


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