Royal letter to the press ‘a mistake’, says Diana’s former bodyguard

Prince William has been criticised by his late mother’s former bodyguard following Kensington Palace’s release of a letter attacking the paparazzi.

“It was a mistake,” said Ken Wharfe, the late Princess of Wales’s former personal protection officer. “William and Kate overreacted. To this day, no has ever compromised the security of either of their children.

“And if you were so concerned about it why do you allow nannies to take them to public parks in South London?”

Wharfe was accused of breaking the Royal Protection Squad’s traditional code of silence following the publication of his memoirs, Diana: Closely Guarded Secret in 2002.

“I’d be the first to admit I’m not on their Christmas card list,” he said.

The media, Wharfe continued, are crucial to the royal family’s survival, and issuing such a statement has little effect beyond risking their wrath.

“[The paparazzi] know that they can work within the law and make their money selling these pictures to a global market.

“It went down very badly with Fleet Street because it wasn’t most of them [that were involved] anyway.”


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